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Emerald Earring - Aqua Stud

Emerald Earring - Aqua Stud

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Manawa, meaning HEART in Te Reo Māori,

Started from our love and connection for our earth, papatuanuku, our home and where we’ve come from. We fell in love with the perfection found in the mineral kingdom and felt crystals needed to be made wearable to not only show off and admire the raw beauty found within our land but also to carry the mana from within the crystals around with you daily.

We have travelled all over the world hand sourcing the most magical high-quality raw stones to bring to our tangata whenua. We specialise in crystals kept in their raw form to show the exquisite intelligence and perfect geometry found within the earth.

We have a deep connection, understanding and extensive knowledge of crystals, we see and utilize them as enlightening light-based tools for humanity

so we have created Manawa as a way of healing through fashion.

Each of our pieces is designed and made to empower, evolve, and heal ourselves through our connection to nature. Connecting with nature in this way helps us to understand our own inherent natural and harmonious state that may have gotten lost along the way; they act as mirrors of the divine.

To us, this is more than jewellery but a piece of sacred earth art that affects our being - body, mind and spirit in a whole new way. We have created powerful amulets, and choosing a stone to wear and connect with is a sacred tradition that has been on Earth for thousands of years. Crystals can bring us inner healing, happiness and connection if we allow them to; this in itself is a spiritual practice as each stone we use holds its unique personal properties and resonate with different areas of our bodies and lives.

We hold respect for the land and natural world, and we are thankful that our craft utilises nature as the central component and can also enhance life and the consciousness of our people.

We are conscious of Earth with every action, especially when consuming. We work sustainably and ethically, using only her raw materials like hemp, silver and up-cycling fabrics and materials. We're aware that we collectively need to change our outdated ways of consuming and throwing away and are dedicated to looking to new ways for the health and regeneration of our Earth.

Fashion for us is our favourite way of expressing who we are. With our home in mind, Manawa wardrobe brings you carefully curated collections of pre-loved clothes as the most sustainable way of staying fresh, unique, steezy and affordable. 

We are operating in the beautiful spot on Earth Aotearoa.

Every jewellery piece we send out into the world is cleansed in the crystal clear waters of this pure high-vibe land and sent out into the world intending to spread harmonious evolutionary energy through to humanity.


Nga Mihi


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